Club Profile

Club Profile

【Management Corporation】 Ventforet Yamanashi Sports Club Inc.
【President】 Satoru Sakuma
【Address】 2-6-10 Kitaguchi, Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture 400-8545
【Tel】 +81 55-254-6867
【Fax】 +81 55-253-1695
【Founding】 Founded in 1965 as Kofu Soccer Club
【Home Stadium】 JIT Recycle Ink Stadium (capacity 17,000)
840 Kose-cho, Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture 400-0836
【Major Championship Honours】 All Japan Senior Football Championship (1969)
J.League Division2 Championship (2012)

Origins of the name

What does Ventforet mean?

The word “Ventforet” was coined by combining two French words, vent (“wind”) and foret (“forest”). It is partially derived from the famous phrase, fu-rin-ka-zan, which means “be as swift as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as fierce as fire, and as unshakeable as a mountain.” The phrase was used by Shingen Takeda, a prominent warlord in the Sengoku Period (15th-17th century).

The team logo is a symbol of the fighting spirit.

The logo is mainly blue, like the team colour. On the team emblem, there is a Fujizakura flower representing the abundant nature of Yamanashi. There is also the family crest of warlord Shingen Takeda, whose famous saying is the origin of Ventforet. The family crest is depicted in wine red, so as to bring to mind grapes. The “VFK” printed in the middle of the emblem stands for “Vital Fighting Knights.”.

Club name design

Wind, which is part of the representative phrase that is the origin of Ventforet’s name, influences the font of the first letter. It represents strength as well as bravery and invigoration.


Vent-kun is a Kai dog, a protected Japanese dog species characteristic of Yamanashi. Vent-kun was chosen because he received the most votes from supporters and also because he has a name that is relatable and easy to remember, since it’s part of the team’s name.


Like Vent-kun, Foret-chan is a Kai dog. She is a good dancer and her bangs are based on the shape of a grape leaf. She helps Vent-kun bring excitement to Ventforet Kofu.
Team LogoTeam Logo Club Name DesignClub Name Design Vent-kun (mascot)Vent-kun (mascot) Foret-chan (mascot)Foret-chan (mascot)
Club FlagClub Flag
The Ventforet Kofu logo, the Ventforet Kofu flag design, and the club mascots are copyright of Ventforet Yamanashi Sports Club Inc. Reproduction, duplication, or use without permission is strictly prohibited.